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Please complete the form below to apply for membership. We will contact you with more information. Please see below for detail on membership types and annual fees.

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Class A – Professional Membership

  • Producer – < 10 tonnes - $240+GST
  • Producer – 10 to 80 tonnes – $345+GST
  • Producer – 80 to 499 tonnes – $495+GST
  • Producer – 500 or more tonnes – $1,200+GST
  • Supplier to the Industry – $600+GST
  • Individual Industry Membership – $180+GST

Class B – Associate Membership

  • Retailers – (per outlet) – $50+GST
  • Student Enrolled at a course related to food and/or dairy Manufacturing and/or Farming – $35+GST
  • Enthusiast Public Membership – $50+GST

You will receive an invoice with payment and bank details on application.

Renewing members will receive a significant discount for prompt payment prior to 30th January each year.

NZSCA provides a number of complimentary members per year for ‘start up’ micro producers, please email to apply.

We look forward to you becoming a member of the NZSCA and enjoying the benefits of membership.

The NZSCA became an incorporated society under Incorporated Societies Act 1908 on 3 April, 2003. As stated in the Constitution of the NZSCA the aims of the association are as follows:

The NZSCA Inc. is established for the following objects within New Zealand:

(a) To encourage excellence in cheesemaking and hygiene.
(b) To present a unified voice for specialist cheesemaker discussions with Government, media and other parties.
(c) To promote awareness and appreciation of specialist New Zealand cheese amongst the trade and the public.
(d) To provide a forum in which members can exchange views and ideals of mutual interest.
(e) To provide members with information on matters affecting their activities such as legislation, marketing opportunities, technical assistance.

The membership criteria for the association, as detailed in the Constitution are as follows:

Section 1
Membership of the NZSCA Inc. is open to any individual or company actively involved with cheesemaking, or to any individual or company or organisation interested in the advancement of cheesemaking in New Zealand. Membership is provided without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, age, sex or national origin.

Section 2
There shall be two classes of membership in the NZSCA Inc. They shall be voting (A) And non-voting (B). Class A shall be all cheesemakers, small cheese companies, large cheese companies, individuals working in cheese manufacturing companies who are not owners, but are involved in the cheese making process. Class B shall be wholesalers, retailers, cheeselovers or any other person that the Board may approve becoming a member of the NZSCA Inc. A fee shall be required for both classes of membership.

NZSCA, PO Box 24506, Royal Oak, Auckland 1345
ph. 0274 881 025