2019 Entry Rules

2019 Entry Rules

1. All cheeses, butter, and yoghurt entered must be produced in New Zealand.

2. Closing date for entries is Friday, 8 February 2019.

3. Entry fees

– The Entry Fee for financial members of the NZSCA is $75 +GST ($86.25) per cheese entry and $150 +GST ($172.50) per entry for non-members. Entry fees are non-refundable.

– The Entry Fee into the Curds and Whey Champion Home Crafted Cheese category is $35 +GST ($40.25) per cheese entered and this automatically enters you into the Curds and Whey Champion Home Crafted Cheesemaker Award. Entries in the Home Crafted cheese category will not go forward for the ‘Champion of Champions’ Awards. There is a separate entry form for Home Crafted Cheese. Entry fees are non-refundable.

– Entries without accompanying payment will not be accepted.

– Discounts are offered as per the table below.

Products entered in 2018 2019 Entries in 2019
3 3 paid plus extra 1 free 4
4 4 paid plus extra 1 free 5
5 5 paid plus extra 1 free 6
6 6 paid plus extra 2 free 8
7 7 paid plus extra 2 free 9
8 8 paid plus extra 2 free 10
9 9 paid plus extra 3 free 12
10 10 paid plus extra 3 free 13
20 20 paid plus extra 6 free 26

4. Labels for entries will be emailed when all entries are processed. Please ensure that each product is labelled with the correct ID number.

5. Companies may enter any number of different cheeses, butter, and yoghurt but each product can only be entered into a class and category once (see Categories and Classes).

Other categories

Other Categories

6. Export Category – Limited to cheeses produced for and sold internationally

7. New Cheese Category – Cheeses released on the market within the past 12 months.

8. Original Cheese – Of an original NZ recipe or process. Explain why or how this is unique.  The cheese must display a particular, local character or unique local quality that is    distinctly New Zealand. The cheese must be distinguished with a unique name.

9. Champion Farmhouse Cheese – To be eligible for the Champion Farmhouse Cheese you must source milk from your own farm animals and produce and market your own cheese.

10. Packaging Award – Companies that want to enter the Packaging Award will be sent a questionnaire for completion prior to judging.

11. Aspiring Cheesemaker – Companies that want to enter the Aspiring Cheesemaker will be sent a questionnaire for completion prior to judging.

12. Champion Cheesemaker. This will be awarded to the cheesemaker who receives the most gold medals in the 2018 judging. In the case of a tie, silver and bronze medals will be considered also.

13 All entries become the property of NZSCA.

14. It is not permitted to enter a cheese that has been bored or sampled with a cheese trier. Any such cheeses will be judged and given a complimentary score but will be ineligible for any medals or awards

15. All producers agree not to hold the organisers responsible in the event of any accident, loss or damage from whatever cause, arising to any article or exhibit or non-delivery of the same.

16. The judges reserve the right to cancel or alter categories/classes without notification.

17. Product Size. The following is a recommendation on the amount of product to send:

Small cheeses: A minimum of 1 kg should be submitted from the same production batch. All cheeses under 1kg should be entered whole and uncut without any brand identity.

Large cheeses: Whole cheeses are preferred but if this is not possible the recommended minimum is 5kg without any brand identity.

Yoghurt: Greater than 2 litres -1 pack required, 500ml – 2 litres – 2 packs required, less than 500ml – 4 packs required.

Butter: Greater than 600g – 1pack required, 200g – 600g – 2 packs required17

18. The judging consists of two rounds:

– Medals Round: Gold, silver and bronze medals are decided by panels of 3 judges

– Championship Rounds: all the judges are given the opportunity to judge the gold and high scoring silver medal winners to decide the trophy winners and Champion of Champion Awards.

In the Yoghurt, Butter and Packaging Categories, a Category Champion will be selected but entries from these Categories are not included in the selection of the two Champion of Champions Awards (Artisan & Commercial).

19.  If you are a producer of more than 25 tonnes total annual production volume, you must be able to produce (or have the capacity to produce) 500 kilos (½ tonne) of your entry per annum, for the entry to be considered for the Champion of Champions Award (Commercial). If you produce less than 25 tonnes you will be considered for the Champion of Champions Award (Artisan).                                 

20. On arrival, all cheeses will be held in chilled storage. On the day prior to judging, exhibits will be dealt with in the following manner: The cheeses will be brought to as close as 10 -12°C overnight prior to judging to be at 12–14°C for judging.

21. The Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

22. The cheeses will be re-wrapped after their category has been judged with re-labelling of the unique entry number if necessary. The cheeses will be kept together as a category throughout their movement from storage to judging room and back to storage.

23.  All cheese must be delivered to Auckland and must be received on Wednesday 20 or Thursday 21 between 9am and 4pm. Delivery is to 4-6 Tironui Station Road West, Takanini.

24. You may enter any number of different cheeses but each cheese can only be entered into a class and category once (see Categories and Classes).

25.  Use of NZ Champions of Cheese Medal Award stickers

– The official NZ Champions of Cheese Award logo and Award medal labels gold, silver, bronze, Champion of category and Champion of Champions design and image are the property of the NZSCA.

– No person or entity has the right to reproduce this award sticker other than the official supplier Kiwi Labels.

– This is an exclusive arrangement for 2019.

– All award stickers must be officially sanctioned and purchased from Kiwi Labels irrespective of your company print or label supply.

– The image can however be used for other promotional non-product uses.

– For practical application reasons with large volume sales, the award sticker logo can be incorporated into a product label if it forms part of a single label on a product pack. Authorisation for this and use of a label supplier other than Kiwi Labels is required in writing from the NZSCA.

– Further, the official artwork of the award logo and stickers remain the exclusive property of the NZSCA. It cannot be reproduced off existing labels or logos, reproduced directly on the pack or as part of general packaging.

– Any questions relating to the use and reproduction of medal stickers must be addressed in writing to the Secretary, NZSCA Inc.

– Any producer found using NZ Champions of Cheese Awards medals on any cheese other than that which received the medal, will risk disqualification from future entry. This applies to cheeses which are renamed post-awards i.e. the medal awarded applies only to the cheese named and entered into the competition.

– The price charged by the official sticker supplier includes a copyright fee that is paid to the NZSCA.

– Order forms for stickers will be sent to all medal and champion trophy winners on 1 March 2019.