NZ Champions of Cheese Entry 2022

Congratulations on entering the 2022 NZ Champions of Cheese Awards! If you make great New Zealand specialty cheese this is your opportunity to present it to the Award’s expert judging panel for assessment.

Entries close on Friday 11 February 2022 and all cheese samples for judging must be delivered to Wintec by 4pm on Thursday 24 February 2022.

The fee is $75.00+GST ($86.25) per entry for members and $150.00+GST ($172.50) per entry for non-members. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Late entries will be accepted from Saturday 12 February 2022 until Tuesday 15 February 2022 and a late entry fee will be charged this is $100.00+GST ($115) for members and $175.00+GST ($201.25) per entry for non-members.

  1. To enter your cheese must be produced in New Zealand.
  2. Please write full consumer brand name of cheese as this is used to issue winners certificates.
  3. Please provide the courier address for certificates.
  4. For specific entry rules refer to Entry Conditions in this Entry Pack. There are multiple changes so please read.
  5. Complete a separate online form for each entry.
  6. If you are entering the Amateur Cheesemaker Category (formerly known as Home Crafted Cheesemaker) please email for entry information.
  7. If an entrant is unable, for whatever reason, to send their entries for judging, please advise no later than Monday 21 February 2022. New Zealand Specialist Cheesemakers Association is only liable to refund 50% of entry fees.
  8. If NZ Champions of Cheese is cancelled due to covid-19 government restrictions, we will offer a full refund less bank charges

When completing the entry answer in ALL boxes. If the question is not relevant, put NA.

If you are unsure of which category your product should be entered under please write TBC (To Be Confirmed) and the Master Judge will categorise it for you.

New in 2022

The Countdown Sustainability Award is to showcase New Zealand’s best sustainable cheesemaking.

This Award will be presented to the cheese producer which has gone above and beyond to positively impact their community and environment – if that sounds like you, keep reading!

To enter, please follow the instructions on this page (opens in a new window).

New Cheese – the eligibility for this has been extended to 18 months. For 2022 this means cheese first available for retail sales between 1 July 2020 and 30 January 2022 can be entered.

The Home Crafted category is now called Amateur Cheesemaker. To enter this category email please for entry information.

Please read the entry information in full before entering.

Please contact Carmel Clark if you have any questions about entry

Good luck!

    Section 1. Entrants Details

    Producer Name

    Less than 10 tonnes (Boutique)10-100 tonnes (Mid-sized)100+ tonnes (Commercial)


    Courier Address


    Look up your postcode

    Contact Name

    Contact Number

    Contact Email Address

    Name of Cheesemakers - Please enter each name on a separate line.

    Section 2: Product Details

    Cheese Name - This is the name that will be printed on the certificate or trophy, please be accurate.

    Milk Type

    If using Mixed Milk, please specify:

    Name any added ingredients e.g. cumin:

    What makes your cheese unique? (200 words max)


    A. Fresh Unripened Cheese (Cow's Milk)

    B. Blue Cheese (Cow’s Milk)

    C. Bulk or Large Block Cheddar

    D. Dutch-Style Cheese (Cow’s Milk)

    E. European-Style (Cow’s Milk)

    F. Greek/Cypriot-Style Cheese

    G. Goat's Milk Cheese

    H. Sheep's Milk Cheese

    I. Fresh Flavour Added Cheeses (including cream cheese and Feta)

    J. Aged Flavour Added Cheeses (including Cheddar and Havarti)

    L. Farmhouse Cheese
    Cheese must be entered and sent for judging specifically for this category. To be eligible for the Champion Farmhouse Cheese, you must source milk from your own farm animals and produce and market your own cheese. Cheeses entered here must NOT be entered elsewhere.

    M. Fresh Italian-Style Cheese
    All Ricotta, Mozzarella, Mascarpone and fresh Italian cheeses must be entered in this category.

    N. New Cheese

    O. Original New Zealand Cheese
    Cheeses entered here must NOT be entered elsewhere.

    This category is open to any New Zealand cheese that complies with three criteria:
    1. Of an original NZ recipe or process. Explain why or how this is unique.
    2. The cheese must display a local character or unique local quality that is distinctly New Zealand.
    3. The cheese must be distinguished with a unique name.

    R. Retail Cheddar Cheese
    Cheeses entered here must NOT be entered elsewhere. Cheeses submitted in retail branded packaging. Stewards will remove packaging prior to judging. Includes Cheddar and cheddar styles: Cheddar, Colby, Red Leicester, Gloucester, Cheshire etc.

    S. Soft Ripened Cheese: White Mould Rind

    T. Chefs' Choice
    This category will be judged by a panel of chefs. Cheeses entered here CAN also be entered elsewhere. Please list the ONE cheese you want to enter in this category.

    Open Class for all Milks and Cheese Types (TA)

    U. Champion Cheesemaker
    The Champion Cheesemaker will be a category where cheeses are entered and SENT for judging for this category. Each cheesemaker to enter 3 DIFFERENT styles of cheese. These 3 cheeses represent one single entry. There will be no medals, simply one winner. The judges will consider all 3 products and score each of the 3 products with the highest total score being the winner. CHEESES ENTERED ELSEWHERE ARE PERMITTED. LIST THE 3 CHEESES IN THE BOX BELOW.

    Open Class for all Milks and Cheese Types (UA)

    W. Washed Rind Cheese

    X. Export Cheeses
    Limited to cheeses produced and sold internationally only.

    Y. Yoghurt

    Z. Butter
    Artisan Butter is defined by production in a batch churn.

    By clicking Submit you accept that all entries become the property of NZSCA. Submitting an entry provides permission for your details to be shared with NZ Champions of Cheese Awards partners. You will receive an email with the information you have entered. You will stay on this page so you can enter another category. When you have finished entering all your chosen categories, complete payment (see below).


    Complete your submissions by processing your payment online using the form below. Entry is not submitted until payment is made.

    NZSCA members: $75.00+GST ($86.25) per cheese category entered.
    Non members: $150.00+GST ($172.50) per cheese category entered.

    Tick if you are a NZSCA member:
    How many categories did you enter:

    NZSCA Payment

    A payment to the NZSCA

    All entries become the property of NZSCA. When submitting an entry you give permission for your details to be shared with NZ Champions of Cheese Awards partners.